Azure Automation and parallel processing

For a customer I was working on some Azure Automation for starting and stopping virtual machines on a schedule. Many resources are available with examples on how to stop and start virtual machines from Azure Automation runbooks. Unfortunately many examples are based on sequential execution of code and are nice when you have only a few VMs but result in an unacceptable long execution time in larger environments. Execution in parallel is essential for larger environments. PowerShell Workflow can perform ... READ MORE

Automation is ‘The new black’

During AzureCon 2015 Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich made a clear statement when it comes to automation: For those of you that don’t know what it refers to here is the Urban Dictionary’s Top Definition for “The new black“: “Since black is always in style in the fashion industry, saying something is “the new black” means that it is the hottest new thing. This phrase can be used to call out the ... READ MORE